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API Design Patents

I have been tracking on API related patents for some years, trying to understand how APIs are being referenced in patents, and in some cases the focus of the patent. Here are the patents I've tagged as being DNS related from the companies who are doing things with APIs and API design.

API and business language schema design framework for message exchanges

Owner: eBay Inc.
Publication #: 08352968
Publication Date: 2013-01-08

A server system facilitates an exchange of messages with a remote client application. The server system includes a plurality of application servers hosting a plurality of applications. A plurality of Application Program Interfaces (APIs) provides programmatic access to the plurality of applications, each of the APIs being configured to receive request messages compiled by the remote client application. First and second request messages, respectively addressed to first and second APIs of the plurality of APIs by a remote client application, each comprise at least one common data component. Further, the first request message includes a first payload specific to the first API, and the second request message includes a payload specific to the second API.

API notebook tool

Owner: MuleSoft, Inc.
Publication #: 09442700
Publication Date: 2016-09-13

Techniques for an application programming interface (API) notebook tool are disclosed. In some implementations, an API notebook is a tool, framework, and ecosystem that enables easy exploration of services that expose APIs, creation and documentation of examples, use cases and workflows, and publishing and collaboration of APIs. In some embodiments, systems, processes, and computer program products for an API notebook tool include receiving a request for a client for calling an API for a service, and dynamically generating the client for the API for the service.

I tend to process the new patent filings and publications every couple of weeks. When ready I try to publish them along with my research.